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Anaerobic digestion processes, be they used on waste from agriculture, food-processing industry or households, produce digestate in relatively large quantities. Digestate treatment in Europe is regulated and its agronomic use is subject to specific standards. Moreover, this valorisation requires spreading plans on considerable agricultural areas. Other solutions implying significant footprint areas and using biological treatment exist as well.

FIRMUS France provides its knowledge in digestates treatment through membrane techniques.

We thus made several trials on digestates from various origins thanks to our technical platform. They enabled to show the feasibility of treating digestates from anaerobic digestion, thanks to a succession of steps involving membrane techniques(ultrafiltration and osmosis).

In collaboration with the company K-Révert, FIRMUS France provides a complete process in order to treat your digestates from anaerobic digestion and valorise them in fertilizing substance.

Our solutions are adapted to your digestate features after a range of tests carried on in our laboratory.