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Provision of services

Needs analysis

Depending on the product treated and your expectations, FIRMUS France, thanks to 20 years experiences in the membrane technologies field, will draw up specifications and will advise you to choose the most appropriate technologies (the best technico-economic ration). 

Technical feasibility study

To estimate the technical feasibility of a treatment FIRMUS France offers feasibility tests on pilot units whose size goes from lab-scale to pre-industrial level.

Process development

Technical feasibility being demonstrated, large-scaled tests often have to be carried out before the industrial installation.

FIRMUS France will help you to:

  • Define and set up a pre-industrial pilot unit to carry out tests on your site.
  • Define an experience plan.
  • Follow the tests evolution.
  • Draw up specifications to make an industrial installation

Turnkey solution proposal

Firmus France offers turnkey solutions, after examining your requirements and validation tests.

Installation assessment and process diagnostic

Firmus France visits your site to make a diagnostic or an assessment of your process.

Technical resources

FIRMUS France has acquired a wide range of equipment that gives the company access to the latest technological innovations. This enables us to analyze test samples under the best possible conditions, both as part of our service offer and for research programs.

This professional equipment includes:

  • DIONEX ICS1100 ion chromatography system equipped with dual pistons for analysing the principle anions and cations present in water
  • TOC (total organic carbon) measurement with
    Shimadzu TOC-V CSN
  • Chemical oxygen demand (COD) analysis with
    Hach Lange DR 2800
  • Microtrac laser granulometer
  • Shimadzu AA – 7000 Series spectrophotometer

FIRMUS France designs and assembles pilot solutions for performing tests as part of its service offers and for research programs.

FIRMUS France is equipped with:

  • Ultrafiltration / nanonfiltration pilot to work with pressure ranges from 1 to 35 bars
  • Reverse osmosis pilot to handle pressure up to 65 bars
  • Microfiltration / ultrafiltration pilot for hollow fiber membranes
  • Conventional electrodialysis pilot
  • Micropilot workbench to work with plane and tubular membranes, both organic and mineral, in order to run tests for evaluating membrane selectivity
  • Test bench for ion-exchanging zeolites and resins.

Research and training


Participation in national and European Research Programs.

FIRMUS France has been recognized through the French Research Tax Credit initiative as a qualified company to carry out research and development projects since 2012 to 2017.



FIRMUS France offers yours technicians or engineers practical or theoretical training about membrane-filtration technologies.

Each year three days of training will be given to future staff of Concordia Station. Those people will work in Concordia Research Station for 14 months and will live without any outside help during the Antartic winter time which lasts 8 months. The training course is both theoretical and practical, thanks to the prototype made for the ESA to recycle water shower during a hypothetic trip on Mars.